I had been advised a few times that I should probably start writing a blog; I’m not entirely sure what one is supposed to do really but I enjoy writing for my own amusement, so that seems like a good place to start, right? But do forgive me if it takes me a while to get used to the formatting for all this!

Why Tartan Rose? I’m neither Scottish, nor a particularly striking flower, more’s the pity, so it may seem an odd choice as first. It’s really rather simple (ish). My old man is a Northern Irishman by the name of Stewart. The tribe comes with its own tartan – Hunting Stewart tartan if you really care to know. Mother dear, on the other hand, is a Yorkshire lass that hails from good old Doncaster. Thus, a Tartan Rose symbolises my heritage really rather well and it’s one I’m proud of.

For those of you who may have stumbled across me quite by accident, let me introduce myself; I’m Dibz. That wasn’t so hard was it? Myself and the family recently moved away from my hometown, Leighton Buzzard, to a wonderful little place that no one has heard of, by the name of Arlesey. And I have to be honest, there is nothing here. I have to catch the train if I want to visit a supermarket, buy clothes, even visit the bank; but do you know what? We couldn’t be happier and after the last few years, that’s a damn good thing. The community is wonderful, the people are friendly and there is always something going on in or around the area; and what an area, beautiful countryside which ever direction you take – I could not ask for more.

I’m a writer, I love my literature – I’ve always got my nose in book; Stephen King is my hero, but I do love British classics, period novels and I will more or less read anything. The same rules apply when it comes to writing, I have never stuck to one genre in particular; but I do like a good thriller. Nor have I ever stuck too rigidly to any one kind of writing – I adore it all and have had a stab at most of it. I’m pretty big on films too so I aim to do a few review type posts on books and films that I have (or haven’t) enjoyed! I recently invested in a camera and took part in an online digital photography course – in the hope that one day if I am incredibly lucky and fulfill my dreams, I will be able to take photo’s to go along with any article I write.

I also have an interest in publishing houses – though I know very little, so there may well be the odd post about that as well as the occasional random post about something I want to share with you. For now though – it’s all about figuring out how to work this contraption, so forgive me for a pretty mundane first post.

Things can only get better.