‘Ello again folks!

I just wanted to share with you; as I said in a previous post, I was told to start a blog repeatedly by several different people but I still would not have done, were it not for an incredibly inspiring young lady I met on The Prince’s Trust course I recently attended.

Beth and I had rather a brief conversation as we left the introduction segment of the course but in that short conversation my mind was quite made up – here was a person I found extremely interesting from the offset and I am really not easily impressed.

Alas, we ended up sitting together when the course started proper and I learned that my initial suspicions were right when we took part in some of those dreaded ‘icebreaker’ activities. Her hobbies and interests were far from the usual and mundane; with canons and reviews both huge and highly enjoyed parts of her life – you cannot fail to be transported.

Beth is blogger too and far more experienced than I am and she pointed me in the right direction when I asked for her advice on writing my own – so if anyone out there ever actually comes to read this, you have Beth to thank (or blame!) and so do I. And as such you should head on over to her blog and check it out.


Read all about the battle re-enactment’s she has coming up, blogs seeped in history and excitement, reviews on products she has found recently and all of the adventures she got up to on her recent holiday to France! There really is something for everyone.