Up until yesterday, it really had been a while since I was to be found on WordPress, reading or writing, so apologies for that; I had a lot on my plate!

It’s been a great year. Well, you know, up’s and downs – but as far as my writing is concerned it really has been a good year. I’ve had a few little adventures that have taught me a great deal and I will be eternally grateful to those who have given me those opportunities.

I did a number of weeks work experience with my local newspaper, working alongside a great team of journalists and under a knowledgeable and legendary editor – I learned an awful lot, skills that transfer into most aspects of writing when it comes to the editing process.

I was also pointed in the direction of a monthly magazine by a civil servant who knew the editor and wished me to give it a go. Always one to rise to a challenge, I, of course went for it and I had a fantastic time writing for them. That particular editor had an awful lot on his mind and wasn’t always the sort you could lean on, but he was such a likable chap that you couldn’t hold it against him. My work for him continues on an as and when basis, I hope it continues as such for the foreseeable future!

Towards the end of last year, I suffered a great deal of illness. Being one of those unfortunate people always prone to migraines, I’ve had to learn to live with them all of my life but for some reason, just like that, I was getting migraines or cluster headaches on a daily basis. It was not a pleasant experience and I was terrified that all the ground I had gained in trying to build a career for myself, was about to slide out from under my feet. Not good days.

Doctors didn’t help, but as one of those rare migraine sufferers who have food triggers, I did the best I could to fix it myself. I completely changed my diet in the new year, no processed rubbish, just good wholesome food and over time the headaches went away. After three months of pain and blurred vision, you can probably understand it was a welcome relief.

While all of this was going on, I continued to work alongside my mentor from the Prince’s Trust. She and the trust really have been a godsend – and I’m eternally grateful to have had their support and insight. I wouldn’t have come this far without them.

For someone like me, who had never done anything like this before, it was a lot to have taken on board all in one go. Not that I regret any of it even for a minute, I learned a hell of a lot about writing and about myself along the way. I’ve discovered that I’m a pretty rubbish journalist – not having the right temperament I think; but my god, what a fantastic experience to have gone through! I’ve learned I really enjoy writing feature length articles for a local glossy mag, much more than I imagined I would.

Best of all, I’ve learned that nothing but writing will do – no matter how long or hard a road it may be. I’ve had enough knocks now to know, I’m not giving up on this. And that’s a pretty awesome feeling.

So, again, my sincerest apologies for not having been here to read or write – but I’m back now, and far better organised to keep up with my blog. I’ve many posts planned for the future which I hope will be of interest to you. Wish me luck!

TR xx