Evening all! I have a request to ask of any willing volunteers, a bit of an odd one actually.

As I’ve said here enough times, I’ve been working alongside the Princes Trust for the past year, mostly because I’ve always been wary and a little bit frightened of self-employment. It is after all, not incredibly difficult to upset Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs – no matter whether it was an honest mistake or not. And I for one, am not all that good at maths.

Anyway, a part of this process, is that I have to face a dragon’s den style panel at the end of this month, to show what I have learned and if I am taking a viable risk with my business idea. That means taking along some market research and it is in gathering that data that I ask for your help.

Essentially, what I am looking for is as many volunteers as possible to read through a sample chapter, give it a short review and answer 6 short questions. It shouldn’t take more than twenty mins out of your day and you would be doing an aspiring author and fellow writer a solid.

Of course, I don’t really expect to get swamped with responses or volunteers for this and nor am I in the habit of pestering people – but if you would like to help out, I would be eternally grateful. Just indicate your interest in the comment box below.

For everyone else, thanks for reading – I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening.