I’m a person with a passion for writing – a person who has also had very little in the way of training in creative writing. But I promise I’ve been practicing!

For a number of years now, I have wanted to take a creative writing course but during a conversation with my brother one day, the question was raised…Can you teach creativity?

I’m curious to see how others will answer this question.

I’m sure there are some who would say that my lack of training probably shows and in many ways I’m inclined to agree with them. I wanted to take that course in the hope of picking up further tips or learning more discipline, the dos and don’ts and things like that rather than trying to learn how to be creative.

I come to wondering, are there others out there who have taken such a course, who had never written a single thing in their lives? Or if they had, had done so with great difficulty. The kind of people who just don’t have story ideas or random pieces or plot take shape in their minds without their consent?

I am one of those who cherishes learning – and aim to learn something new every day, ever expanding my knowledge. But if someone were to ask me, can you teach creativity, my gut instinct would be to answer no. Perhaps that is a little cruel, but it’s my belief that the desire to create is just in you.

I write, because I want to. Stories, poems, screenplays – anything that takes my fancy but I’m more than just a writer. I draw, I can knit and crochet – in fact most of my hobbies are creative ones. That was not a choice I made, it is an in-built desire to create.

Yes, we might not always be very good at it and training from someone with more knowledge can be incredibly useful, but aren’t we then learning mechanics, rather than creativity?

My brother was of the belief, that the course had perhaps been wrongly named. I’m interested to know, how would you answer the question?