Since throwing myself into the vast and wonderful world that is the internet, I have wondered many things in my ignorance.

The most important question I have to ask myself is, how much should we do for each other?

Before I started this blog, I would have assumed the answer was cold and clear: nothing. Because, the rest of the world at large seems to be a fiercely competitive place, full of people who have very little time for those outside their social circle. And even less time for those who are facing the same obstacles – life is one big long race, with each person trying to reach the finish line before everyone else.

It’s a world I’m tired of, I’d like to see some humanity in humans.

So imagine then, my absolute joy when on starting this blog I found a huge community, sharing views and encouraging each other – I was elated. Man, this place sure feels like home to me.

I’m pretty old fashioned in some of my ways, especially when I’m ignorant of common practices. Etiquette is like a comfort blanket to me. The easiest way to fit in is to know how you’re expected to behave at any given moment. It might not be the most fun all of the time mind!

I think we should all be striving to help our fellow writers and for the most part, here in the blogosphere, that’s exactly what happens.

Some have a follow for follow policy, lots of bloggers enjoy reblogging or writing guest posts but I’m finding it decidedly hard to discover if these are rarities or if it’s the norm. I thought it might be useful to try and discover these things, who knows, it may even help others who are fairly new to all of this!

I don’t intend to do any active research on this, I’m leaving it all up to chance. I’m going to keep an eye out and watch home many people come along and read this post, compared to how many of you decide to pop on a like, leave a comment or reblog elsewhere! Simple as that.

To clarify, I’m all for helping my fellow writers and bloggers in any way I can. We’re all in this together. right? So tell me, what about you?

I’ m far from experienced or even good at this, but if you want some help, give me a shout!