About Me.

Tartan Rose Aka Dibz Stewart.

  • Author in the querying process.
  • Freelance writer
  • Writer Buddy
  • Occasionally foul-mouthed Lioness.

Dibz is a crazy recluse living in a tiny town in the English countryside.

She has a mischievious, kind-hearted little boy who keeps her on my toes and a beautiful Akita cross German Shepherd called Poppie. Which of the pair keeps her on her toes most, is entirely open to debate.

Dibz is a Thriller/Suspense writer, who enjoys scaring the crap out of readers or dragging them along by the nose in a state of fraught tension, more than is probably normal. Sadist much?

Her intent and the purpose of this site is to help fellow writers. She’s no editor and doesn’t claim to be, but she feels she can be a huge help within the writing community with her writing knowledge, unabashed honesty and extensive vulgar vocabulary – whether it is a critique you are after or just a bit of a chat, Dibz is more than happy to help. Go ahead and hit the contact button if you want to.

A note from Dibz: “This particular site used to be my blog – I’m rearranging things to use this space as my website but it is going to take some time to do, so please bear with me during the change-over. You have my assurances that I’ll get to it as soon as I can!”




8 thoughts on “About Me.”

  1. Hello Tartan Rose – I am looking forward to getting to know more about your opinions – and I am a big fan of your approach; light and entertaining. Life doesn’t need to be so heavy does it. Peace, Harlon P.S. Thank you for finding me and following me.


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